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Reliable Dev
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Frequently asked questions, answered

Required assets we need before building a website

Send the information below to [email protected] or complete Website Assets Form here.

  • Website Category (see all)
  • Domain Name
  • Contact information: Company Name, Company Address, Email, Phone, DBA
  • 2 categories to start with (example: Daily News, Weekly Briefing, Daily Grind)
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy
  • Website tagline
  • Logo files and accent colors
  • Registrar delegate access or credentials
  • Cloudflare credentials
  • Google Tag Manager container snippet and Google Analytics 4 tags
  • Pick 2 Content Ready feeds (Available Feeds List)
  • Earnware Dashboard User ID

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What is Reliable Core?

Reliable Core is a scalable system with reusable components, tools, layouts and consistent design. The disciplined engineering standards within Reliable Core can predict when a component in the system will no longer meet desired performance and needs an update.

A website update, that once took days and cost a fortune, with Reliable Core, can be accomplished reasonably, in an hour.

Learn more about Reliable Core

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What hosting plans do you have?

We currently have 3 hosting plans:

  • Publisher: starting at $100/mo;
  • Network: starting at $600/mo;
  • Enterprise: starting at $1,500/mo;

Learn more about Reliable Core Hosting & Core Updates