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Reliable Core

Reliable Core Plugins

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Reliable Core is growing its ecosystem with a series of new plugins* that are helping to provide superior services and more automation (See Changelog):

  • Reliable Core Signals
  • Reliable Core Broken Links Audit
  • Reliable Core Analytics
  • Reliable Core HTML Editor
  • Reliable Core Content Audit
  • Reliable Core Hosting Status Alerts

Reliable Core Signals
Regular audits against Safe Browsing lists.

Reliable Core Broken Links Audit
Checks all Reliable networks websites for broken links.

Reliable Core Analytics
Reliable network analytics. Now supports Google Analytics 4.

Reliable Core HTML Editor
HTML newsletter editor, with smart fields.

Reliable Core Content Audit
Audits all network websites with word count feature and unique keywords reports.

Reliable Core Hosting Status Alerts
Monitors to ensure that Core websites are live, and sends an immediate email notification if an incident is detected.

*All the plugins are available within the Reliable network only.
**The plugins are designed using Earnware Design System.