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Reliable Core Cloudflare Analytics v.1.7

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  • Implemented storage of date range preference through get_option for the “Custom Reports” page.
  • Introducing a convenient dropdown at the upper right corner for filtering data by date range, providing options like “Last 7 Days” and “Last 30 Days.”
    • Incorporated JavaScript functionality to enable seamless date range selection.
    • Integrated PHP logic to support the date range dropdown.
  • Expanded “Select Measurements” with two new choices: “Likely Human” and “Likely Automated.”
  • Augmented the database table responsible for storing “Bot Reports” with dedicated columns for “Likely Human” and “Likely Automated.”
  • Elevated the PHP script for retrieving “Security Events” reports to retrieve data for the last 7 days, as opposed to solely the data from one day ago.